Carly & Corey

When someone asks you to be their Wedding Photographer because they love your work and then they proceed to tell you it is in Cancun Mexico, what else is there to say then…YES?!

You know you are a loved couple when everyone you know flies from Oklahoma and other states to meet up for a multiple day adventure in Mexico! This group was soooo fun and adventurous! The Bride and Groom just wanted to make sure everyone had a blast the whole time and I made sure that a majority of the photos I took of them showcased the fun personalities of everyone.

Prior to the ceremony, we did a First Look with Bride and her father that was filled with beautiful emotion and I am so happy I captured those emotions for my clients. The ceremony was filled with even more laughter and tears and capturing those moments to last a lifetime is exactly what I made sure to do.

The party and celebration continued into the night and this wedding became one for the books!