Feature on WITTY HOBBYIST Podcast

Last weekend Memories Exposed Photography had the honor of being the first guest on “Witty Hobbyist” which is a local podcast for anyone pursuing what they love and able to keep a good sense of humor while doing it regardless of their struggles. We just spoke about my business, how I got into Photography, gear, and the local Facebook group I run for photographers. It was such a cool and laidback experience and I can’t wait for ya’ll to listen! The link for the YouTube version is below so please check it out and support!


Host, Steven Naranjo is a local photographer but he is also a dog groomer, and now podcaster and wants to show all the cool things others are doing out there. Steven hopes to show with each persons that is featured as a guest to share the hard work, sweat, tears and good times they put into what they love.


Witty Hobbyist is an amazing podcast so subscribe on any of the below links and get ready for learning, awesome interviews, interesting people, deep conversations and humor.


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