CLIENT CORNER: Elizabeth & Jeffery Loewe

I have so many AMAZING clients that I wanted to start making a sort of blog appreciation post for them that showcases the amazing sessions I have had with them as well as what new exciting news is going on in their lives. I am calling it the “Client Congratulations Corner”. I hope you enjoy them as they come!

I TRULY love my clients and consider them friends once we meet so when they experience wins, blessings, and accomplishments I can’t help but want to share it!

Elizabeth (Liz) and I met back in 2006 in Pella, Iowa during our first year at Central College. I moved to Iowa from McAllen, Texas originally thinking I would simply be continuing my softball career, but little did I know I would be rooming with and meeting soon to be one of my very best friends in life. I only attended Central College for a year, but Liz and I bonded so strongly that a year is all we needed! We saw one another a couple of times here and there the first couple of years, but soon went years just staying in touch through social media.

When Liz called me back in July 2018, I was so ecstatic to simply catch up but she had even bigger news for me! She was getting married and she wanted me there to celebrate with her and Jeffrey. It had been about 7 years since we had seen each other so it was the perfect occasion for a reunion!

So off to Northern California (Capitola to be exact) I went and till this day I am so happy I was able to be their wedding photographer and capture these photos of their beautiful, intimate wedding. Their wedding was at the gorgeous Seascape Beach Resort and had about 15 people in attendance that watched them exchange vows on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


After their ceremony, we took advantage of the beautiful grounds and surrounding areas of the Seascape Beach Resort by taking some Bride and Groom Portraits. We had everything from cliffs, greenery, and beach to use as our beautiful backgrounds; it was just perfect.


My photos were published in Issue 4 of the North in August Magazine and I am just so thankful because the wedding was beyond perfect for the Bride and Groom. I had never seen Liz so genuinely happy. You could tell Jeffery loved her with all his heart and the same with Liz. It was beautiful to witness in general, but as a friend you want nothing more for another friend. Their night ended with a fire, smores, and conversations with their closest friends and family. Couldn’t write a better ending.


What about writing a new chapter? How could it get any better than finding your soulmate right?!


The next call I got from Liz was in October to let me know they were expecting!

So I wrote all of this to say Congratulations to two people that deserve all the happiness in the world! This month they welcomed their precious and oh so beautiful baby girl River! I love to see everything come full circle and write their own stories.