CLIENT CORNER: Christina Champion

My second Client Congratulations Corner blog and I am sooo excited to share this one! I first met Christina in Aug 2016 at what is called a photography meet up when I was first starting to explore if I wanted to take on Photography more than a hobby. She was brought on to be a model for us photographers and it was going to be boudoir on the La Jolla Beach.

My first EVER boudoir photos taken! I was just so lucky to have a beautiful model that made it easier.

My first EVER boudoir photos taken! I was just so lucky to have a beautiful model that made it easier.

As a Photographer, it should be part of our job to get to know our clients. Although Christina was not my client, but the model, it was still important to me to get to know her. I found out she was a mother of three and just gave birth to a baby boy 3 months prior. She was also a Marine at Camp Pendleton and wanted to do the shoot to show how far she had come with her body thus far and to use as comparison when she made more progress.

It really is true how we never know when someone comes across our paths, how far our journey will take us. My progress in Photography grew and Christina’s progress on focusing on her body and health did as well. I was just lucky enough to be hired multiple times by her to capture it all for her.

But before I started capturing her journey in fitness and self love, she hired me to capture Easton’s 1st year birthday through a superhero cake smash session in Dec 2017.. Who’s Easton? Well remember that baby boy she had just had 3 months prior?? Yup he was now one and she reached out for me to do his photos! Talk about such a cute little boy and fun shoot!

Our next shoot was an inspired boxing boudoir type shoot that we came across on Pinterest that Christina wanted to do to capture her progress in her working out regiment. It wasn’t where she wanted to be, but she was damn proud what she had accomplished in Feb 2018.


By this point, Christina and I had really built more of a friendship than anything else! She is seriously such an amazing soul that it is inspiring! Besides being a bada** United States Marine, she is a mother to three and has the most giving and loving personality. She is constantly trying to motivate others to be their best self. Our next shoot below, was her being a model for one of my Boudoir Workshops that I put on for other local photographers. She made them feel comfortable and KILLED the shoot as always!

I also offer family photos ( more can be found here on my website) and Christina reached out to hire me for some quick, candid family photos and it was a blast. Her kids are seriously the goofiest and loving children that it was my honor to capture some of them. Christina wanted me to capture just “them being them” which required me running around a lot to keep up haha but it was great exercise! I also found myself laughing so much, it was awesome. I also had fun in the editing process because Christina chose for these to be edited a tad different from my normal “bright” editing and I honestly liked the challenge and change up!


Our final, but hopefully not last photoshoot, Christina hired me for another boudoir shoot that continued to capture her progress. This shoot was about a month or so prior to her first fitness competition she signed up for so she really wanted to see just how far she had come and still wanted to go. The shoot was fun and full of sexiness! I rented out an Airbnb for multiple of my clients and they all rocked it! How great does Christina look?! I mean come on…a mother of three!!


So it is probably obvious why Christina Champion is my next Client Corner Congratulations… my girl competed in her first fitness competition two weeks ago at the Jon Lindsay Muscle Competition and placed 2nd! Her determination, hard work, and focus paid off! I could not be more proud of her so I had to give her a shoutout through this blog. I can not wait to continue to see her soar and succeed in anything she decides to do! She is leaving to Hawaii and I am moving to Florida but I KNOW we will keep in touch and kill another shoot or two in the future!

Photos from @christina.champion21

Photos from @christina.champion21