New Year Plans for Memories Exposed Photography

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first official blog post of Memories Exposed Photography!

Can you believe we are almost finished with the first month of 2019?! It’s been insane how fast this month went by for me and I am sure you can say the same. Like many, I have written out 2019 goals for Memories Exposed Photography and I thought what better subject for a first blog then to share them with you!

1)      Officially launch my Boudoir Bachelorette Party Package on my website. It is a service I have offered in the past to my brides but have never truly advertised it. By the end of this month that will change, and I am so excited about it! I can’t tell you too much as that will be my next blog and I will make sure to go into detail but just be ready to think “I would LOVE to do that!”. Here are just a couple sneak peaks from the last bachelorette party I shot in the meantime.



2) As many of you know, I own my own Boudoir Studio in Oceanside CA, I have invested a lot into the set up and revamped it and I just LOVE how it has turned out! I soon will have a section on my website showcasing it as well and I can’t wait to show ya’ll! I will also have a Pinterest board to showcase the over 120 pieces of lingerie I have in my Client’s Closet so that my client’s can easily pick what outfits they would like to wear prior to their session with me. It will be a very organized and convenient additional service I offer to my client’s! Here is a photo of my studio:


3) Although I absolutely LOVE boudoir shoots and reminding my client’s just how beautiful they are, I am mainly a Wedding Photographer and I have goals for that part of my business as well. One of them is to travel more! Last year my weddings and sessions took me to: Washington, Oklahoma, Florida, Cancun, Texas, Kentucky, Iceland (YES ICELAND!) Nevada, and Kansas.

On the books for 2019 so far, I am re visiting some of the amazing places I just listed but I would love to add more! So if you or anyone you know is looking for a Wedding Photographer please let them know about my website as I am able and happily willing to travel anywhere and my prices are super competitive! Below are some beautiful photos of my client’s Carly and Corey from their destination wedding in Cancun I had the honor of capturing.


4)  I haven’t made the “BIG” announcement yet, however I will be moving to South Florida in the summer (I have called San Diego home for 8 years), so another goal of mine is just to find the level of success and blessings within my business as I have here in San Diego. My business consists of a lot of traveling, which is why I consider myself a destination wedding photographer, so the move will not take a huge toll, but I am apart of such an amazing photography community, that I only hope to become part of one in Florida. I have already started the process of searching for a store front studio location so I may continue my boudoir work and I have even dabbled in searching for a Wedding Venue. Owning and operating a wedding venue has always been a dream of mine, even prior to becoming a photographer, so if it were to happen in 2019 that would be fantastic, but it is currently sitting in my longer-term goals.

5) Although, I have a TON of little goals on a daily and monthly basis, my last “major” goal of 2019 is to just continue to have a blast with my clients and continue to build friendships with them as that is what is key to me and makes my soul happy! I am so lucky to meet so many amazing people that trust in me to capture memories of their life that they cherish. The love they share for one another, their kids, and themselves is why I want to provide them with such amazing photos because they deserve it. I am truly blessed to call most of them my friends and get multiple phone calls from them hiring me for their next event/milestone/ or just updated photos for their home.

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